1336 DuoProx® II Card

Card Printers

Item Number: 1346

List Price: $6.56

Item Number: 1597

List Price: $7.33

1391 MicroProx® Tag

1326 ProxCard® II Clamshell Card

Item Number: 2022

List Price: $12.58

Item Number: 1336

List Price: $6.93

HID Global provides the industry’s broadest array of card products and technologies ranging from basic single technology cards, to multi-technology and contact chip-based cards, to non-technology cards with visual security features. Requirements for convenience, data security, economy, performance and/or identification help determine the best card solution for the customer. HID’s affordable and durable cards come standard with guaranteed compatibility with HID reader lines, available in application-specific composition materials and form factors including fobs and tags

iClass 2022 Prox Smart Card

Item Number: 1386

List Price: $6.30

Item Number: 1391

List Price: $4.58

Item Number: 1326

List Price: $3.50

Cards and Credentials

1598 Smart DUOProx® II Card

Item Number: 1598

List Price: $8.70

For immediate assistance call 949-387-3532

Email: sales@pro-idsystems.com

For immediate assistance call 949-387-3532

Email: sales@pro-idsystems.com

1386 ISOProx® II Card

1346 ProxKey® II Key Fob

1597 Smart ISOProx® II Card